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Inventory maker
  United States (USA)    Business services
Affordable employee tour and training software produces visiting and travel pass for company employees in easiest ways. Travel and trip scheduling application allows only authorized user to modify and print employee’s tour records and training status with flexible print setting option.
Mens Underwear
  United States (USA)    Business services
Mens underwear company in the USA. Interested in silk manufacturers
Fowler Inc
  United States (USA)    Business services
Employee Salary Software
  United States (USA)    Computer & Telecom
Employee planner tool allows taking backup of original data that can be restores if data deleted accidentally or lost due to some data thrashing reasons. Employee planner office scheduling program maintains staff shifts, tours, events, leaves etc.
Expressions and Reflections
  United States (USA)    Gifts, Crafts & Jewelry
Gifts, crafts, and supplies. Some electronics and musical items as well. Been in business for 6 years.
  United States (USA)    Cars & Motorcycles
Dear Sir,
      My name is Steve. I live on the East coast of the United States. I am a licensed independent car dealer. I have various contacts for any make of car and can purchase them at dealer only prices. I can do almost anything that would increase your profit. Please check out our website at www.sunconcars.com to see a few of the cars we have exported recently. I would be interested in talking with you to see if we can help each other. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing
Car Renting Solutions
  United States (USA)    Computer & Telecom
carrentingsolutions.comhas made multiple location operations of a car renting company as simple as possible.carrentingsolutions.com is now an inevitable tool to survive the neck and neck competition among the rental car businesses. Every car rental business wants to offer something extra to the customer because customer satisfaction is the prime concern for success in this sector. The quicker the quality services the better for the business as well as the client. It is the auto rental
Ervin Equipment
  United States (USA)    Cars & Motorcycles
We are a global dealer in semi trailer fleets offering used trucks (heavy or medium duty), dry vans, reefer trailers and flat beds. We have a foundation of more than 20 years experience in the business, headquartered in Toledo, Illinois, USA.
We have a wide selection of trucks, which are durable, in good quality and better price. If you interested for any of our equipment, please feel free contact me directly philip@ervinusa.com or visit our website www.ervinusa.com for more details.
  United States (USA)    Business services
I am looking for trade opportunities in the far East. My company will be importing goods to sell on the secondary market in the United States
American Bridge Advisors
  United States (USA)    Business services
Kính gửi:  Ban Lãnh Đạo Công Ty và các Nhà Đầu Tư Việt Nam

Nếu quý vị là cá nhân muốn đầu tư vào thị trường Mỹ hay là Ban Lãnh Đạo công ty, là cán bộ hay nhân viên cấp cao có nhu cầu đến Mỹ để hội họp, mua bán sản phẩm, ký hợp đồng, mở chi nhánh, tìm cơ hội mở rộng thị trường, hợp tác hay kinh doanh bất động sản.  Quý vị phải xin Visa
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