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TNHH An Thái Khang
  Vietnam    Industrial Supplies
Giới thiệu
Công ty TNHH AN THÁI KHANG, được thành lập tháng 5 năm 2006 chuyên về sản xuất và phân phối keo dán đa năng gốc dung môi, hóa chất công nghiệp… Hoạt động kinh doanh của AN THÁI KHANG phát triển nhanh chóng cùng với sự phát triển không ngừng của kinh tế VIỆT NAM.
Năm 2008, Công ty TNHH AN THÁI KHANG được định hướng phát triển theo chiều sâu, tập trung toàn bộ vào lãnh vực keo dán đa
A&S Seals Co., Ltd.
  China    Industrial Supplies
With ten-year hard work and great emphasis on aftermarket services, A&S Seal Co., Ltd. has dominated a big market  with growing knowledge and experiences in sealing industry.At the same time , our exporting business developed greatly.

The seals we supply :Mechanical Seals, Oil Seals, Hydraulic Seals, Shaft Seals, Lip Seals, Pump Seals, Dust Seals, Face Seals, Floating Seals, Piston Cup Seal,  Packing , O-Rings  and so on.

The brands we provide:Parker, John Crane,  Burgmann, SKF,  NOK,  NAK
Shenyang Xiangruida Abrasive Co.,Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Shenyang Xiangruida Abrasive Co.,Ltd is a major manufacturer and exporter of coated abrasive in China, we specialize in sanding paper/sheet, sanding belt, sanding cloth, sanding disc, sanding rolls, sanding wheel,.etc for 20 years. We have a trusted and recognised brand of sandpaper and abrasive products---DOUBLE RABBIT.

We can provide quality Controls, deliver exceptional customer service and continuous researching and developing new coated abrasive products, so we have gain considerable
Xiamen Zhenlihua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Xiamen Zhenlihua Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. After more than ten years' development, it has successively set up the sales and market service sites in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Shandong province in China. The company was committed to the researching, developing, producing and selling of Circular Knitting machines. Zhenlihua products range from Single Circular Knitting Machines, Double Circular Knitting Machines, Open Width Circular Knitting Machines, Single Mini
Asia Mowers
  Indonesia    Industrial Supplies
Asia Mowers Co.,Ltd believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with best service and price as competitive as possible to enhance our clients business.
As a result, customer and consumers worldwide will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing our people and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.
We believe our business is built on relationships with our customers, partners, investors, employees, and with the communities
Landee Steel Pipe Manufacturer Co., Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Landee Steel Pipe is a professional industrial pipe manufacturer and supplier in China. Having been devoted to industrial steel pipe manufacturing with professional experience for two decades, we always provide our global clients with the most high cost-effective steel pipe products. Landee Pipe has been producing pipe for a variety of applications since 1994, covering areas of pipe manufacturing, exporting and trading. Landee stocks a wide range of steel pipes in various grades, sizes and
Junying Die Casting Mould Co., Ltd.
  China    Industrial Supplies
Junying Metal Manufacturing Company Limited was incorporated in 2002 in Dongguan City, China. Original a small work shop, investments in technology, marketing and factory space have enabled steady growth and diversification.
We aim to supply our customers with high quality non-ferrous cast products ready for use in the shortest practical lead times.  With more than 10 years' experience, our advanced manufacturing facilities offer flexible service, innovative engineering and competitive pricing.
Anto Bu Paper
  Indonesia    Industrial Supplies
Our stores offer paper products of high quality at competitive prices with other sellers. We also sell recycled paper that does not lose quality with paper commonly used.

This shop was started in 2010 and initially only serve purchases from domestic buyers,exponentially with time, we try to increase our sales area to various Asian countries and even Europe.

To date we have sold our paper products to more than 120 countries, and will continue to increase along much of its demand for paper
Nanjing Xinshuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  China    Industrial Supplies
Nanjing Xinshuo Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located at Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in China and established itself as a contract manufacture of supplying stainless steel pipe, alloy pipe, centrifugal casting machine & mould, centrifugal casting products which include centrifugal casting roller & tube, like radiant tube, furnace roller, herth roll, sink roll, heat resistant roller, heat treatment furnace accessories, etc. The products are used in various industrial applications such as
Tangshan Xingbang Plumbing Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Tangshan Xingbang Plumbing Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd establishes a development orientation of "The whole production chain", adheres to the idea of "One-stop full service" all the time, and engages in providing the optimization and energy-saving environmental friendly of pipeline system to all the customers. At present, our company is producing and operating six categories with more than 400 kinds of products widely used in the fields of centralized heating, oil and gas and industries, which
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