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Zhangjiagang City XinKe Machinery Co.,ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Zhangjiagang City XinKe Machinery Co.,ltd.  Our main products includes: PET Bottle Washing Line, PP/PE film Washing and Pelletizing Line, PVC recycline line, Series Plastic Pipes/ Profiles Extruding  Production Line, Plastic Extruder, High Speed Mixer, Plastic Crusher, Granulator, Pelletizer,etc.
Dalian Etdz Sengang Machine Blade Co., Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Dalian Etdz Sengang Machine Blade Co., Ltd is a joint venture enterprise, which locates in Dalian Economic Zone, 40% investment is owned by Hong Kong Active Development Limited Company, and 60% investment is owned by domestic company.
There are two category products in our business scope
1. Wood furniture equipment including gouging and slice grinder machine, which is able to substitute of imported equipment and reach international technical standard of similar equipment. This is our own
hangzhou weili machinery co.,ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
We,hangzhou weili machinery co.,ltd,are a professional manufacturer from china,we specialize in marine gearbox,pipe threading machine and ZLYJ Series speed reducer for plastic screw extruder.Our products are listed in City's Key Project of Technical Reform, and passed ISO9001:2000.

To expand our market,we are glad to establish business relationship with every reliable partner.

PNE Print Technology Co. Ltd
  Singapore    Industrial Supplies
Wholly foreign-owned (Singapore) manufacturer of offset printing plates (positive and negative working) and related chemicals with facilities located in China.  For more details, please visit us at http://www.pneprint.com
New Era Adhesives Technology Co.,Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
New Era Adhesives Technology Co., Ltd. is a sino-foreign joint venture established in 1986. In 1996, we underwent industrial re-structuring by establishing joint venture with Itochu Corporation from Japan. Our company covers an area of more than 40,000 sq.m, of which 18,000 are built-up area. With 18 blocks of factory and office buildings, we employ about 500 peoples, of which 100 are technicians. We maintain information exchange and co-operative relationship with many research institutes of
hebei huatai gelatin co.,ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
we are one of largest gelatin manufacturer in the northern china. we export our product to many countries. our main product are all grade of skin industrial gelatin
AnShan HongMing Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd.
  China    Industrial Supplies
AnShan Hong Ming Metallurgical Machinery Co., Ltd. and AnShan Ying Yat Trade Co., Ltd. is an integrative group corporation. We professionally produce close tolerance casting using wax pattern and foam powder pattern.  
We can process cast steel, cast copper, cast aluminum and any parts that cannot be processed by machine.
We can produce heavy casting, rivet welding and heavy rivet welding products. We also can produce mechanical processing products, heavy cast steel and all kinds of processing
GM Int'l Co.,Ltd.
  China    Industrial Supplies
we are manufactory mainly produce hydraulic press machine,this machine can be used for stainless steel ,plastic,auto parts etc. if you have interested our products please contact us gordon.jiao@gmail.com & MSN:gordon5221@hotmail.com
NOTCH Technology Material Corporation
  China    Industrial Supplies
Our company mainly produce X-ray film develop machine,pharmaceutical machinery,officinal packaging material,biological product.
Officinal packaging material: officinal solid PVC film and light evade officinal PVC film,PVC/PVDC officinal compound film,PVC/PE officinal compound film,
PVC/PVDC/PE officinal compound film,compound soft aluminum,Dura-aluminum soft pimater (bags),officinal aluminum foil,cold clashed aluminum.
Pharmaceutical machinery: press film machine, grinding machine,candy
Yantai Keeyun Machinery Co.,Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
Established in 2000, Keeyun Machinery Co., Ltd. Yantai is a specialized manufacturer of filtration equipment, chip conveyors, central filtration equipment, coolant purification devices, high precision temperature control and filter media for industrial processing.

We have been offering professional knowledge and expertise to thousands of customers, including many outstanding domestic and foreign companies. In order to develop foreign market, Keeyun has cooperated with foreign specialists to
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