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Changsong Industrial Equipment Shandong Ltd.

Changsong industrial equipment (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is an innovative and technological & international industrial solution company, established by the management team of Shandong University MBA graduates. Based on experience and international cooperation  with SIEMENS-VAI (Primetals), Xstrata, Glencore, SMS, DME, Koniambo, Metso, Vale, SDEPCI, SDM, WESCO, Hiab and other world-renowned companies, through integration of well-known industrial products and spare parts supply channels of headquarters, our business ranges from supplying Complete sets of metallurgical equipment and spare parts,Bisalloy Shangang, fireproofing of shangang, transportation equipment and facilities. Include steel, casting, forging and other metal materials to supplying high-end mechanical and electrical equipment, and instruments.
We have thousands of sub-vendors for the business of joint manufacturing, we also work as agent of many world-renowned brands, we have broad overseas channels accumulated over the years, working together with our strategic partners to provide lean supply chain services, focusing on high-quality customers, to solve the customer's urgent, special, small orders. JGPI also help all types of enterprises to develop overseas markets, provide commercial and technological consulting services for domestic and foreign enterprises supporting by various industry associations, research institutions, and teams of expert.

Business Range
Serving your needs of industry
Meeting your demands of advanced instruments
Providing quality and economic hydraulic parts

1. Project routine procurement
2. Project supplementary procurement
3. Production material procurement
4. Spare parts procurement
5. Collected manufacturing of equipment
6. Repair of equipment
7. International marketing
8. International consultancy of technology and commerce
9. Integrated cooperation of project

We focus on the introduction of advanced products and technology to China, the introduction of creative products and enterprises to overseas markets. We integrate industry and expert resources to provide services in fields of energy, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, medical, research and other industries. Our corporate culture:

Customer Value Oriented
Customer Trust as the Goal
Quality and Safety as the Gene

We insist on continuous improvement, prevention, access to the trust of suppliers and customers to jointly ensure the smooth progress of the project, to make the world better through our joint efforts.

Our website:www.csiequipt.com

Business category Minerals & Metals
Contact person Mr. Clark Tian    - Position:  
Address 8-803 SD Steel New World Plaza, No. 61 South Industrial Road  China
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