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[United States (USA)]
May 11, 2021
We are looking for medications and drugs.
We are looking for Life-saving drugs: Cancer drugs, Covid-19 vaccines, HPV vaccines, Alzheimer's drugs, anti-diabetic drugs, etc. Please contact us and send the details of your products. .....
[United States (USA)]
May 23, 2020
Looking for Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products
We are seeking for the best prices for life saving medicines generally in the following list: Prescription medicine - Cancer drug, Antiepileptic drug, Alzheimer's drug, Antidiabetic drug, HIV drug, PrEP, HPV vaccine, etc.Kindly send us your product list via E-mail. .....
[United States (USA)]
Jan 08, 2020
Pharmaceutical Product
We are seeking for the best prices for life saving medicines generally in the following listed. Prescription medicine - Oncology medicine, Rheumatoid medicine, Leukemia medicine, anti-diabetes, Alzheimer medicine, HPV vaccine, etc. Kindly send us price and detail. Learn more about us : http://www.alsmcompany.com/
Contact@alsmcompany.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Dec 06, 2019
Looking for Finished Pharmaceutical Products
We are seeking for finished pharmaceutical products (Prescription medicines) in the following listed - Oncology medicine, Rheumatoid medicine, Leukemia medicine, anti-diabetes, Alzheimer medicine, HPV vaccine, etc. Kindly send us your product's detailsto Contact@alsmcompany.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Jun 03, 2018
Looking for suppliers (Pharmaceutical products)
We are looking for pharmaceutical products which are general medicines and intravenous (IV) medicines in various categories such as anti-diabetic medicine, pain-relief medicines, HCV treatments, oncology products, antifungals, antibiotics, etc. We prefer finished formulations but the raw material will be considered. Please contact us and send your product details to contact att pharmarss dot com .....
[United States (USA)]
Apr 25, 2018
Oncology and Antidiabetic medicine
We are interested in expanding our new business on the kind of pharmaceutical productsuch as Oncology and anti diabetic medicines.
We are looking for new suppliers who are able to supply many kinds of (finished medicine and/or API).Please quote price and provide pictures to my email address penny att ohbcompany dot com. Looking forward to your cooperation." .....
[United States (USA)]
Nov 10, 2012
Looking for Vietnamese suppliers
Dear Sir or Madam,

We are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of garment, textile, footwear, agriculture and tuna fish from Vietnam.

We are trading as an experienced distributor for products of garment, textile, footwear, agriculture and seafood in North America market. We are looking for reliable and capable manufacturers and suppliers for all kinds of the mentioned products from Vietnam.

If you are interested in our inquiry, please send your catalogue of .....
[United States (USA)]
Mar 26, 2008
quartz/silica sand
Need 50,000 to 100,000 metric tons per month of high grade 98% pure silica/quartz sand. Specifications on request. Please give capacity and price fob port Vietnam US dollars.
No brokers if not serious about pricing, prefer quarry owners. Contract for 5 years available. .....
[United States (USA)]
Feb 26, 2008
Steel Hardware & Storage Products.
We are looking for company base in Vietnam who manufacture/sell steel storage products and related components.Annual procurement will be over $1M on variety of items, please send e-mail with your company details for more information.

We are an oversea company who major sell our steel storage products in North/Latin America(Canada, US, Mexico).Our product ranging from steel bolts and nuts, locks, handles, hinges to heavy duty rack, shelves, file cabinets.We have been searching for .....
[United States (USA)]
Jul 25, 2007
wanted MP3,MP4,IPODS,PSP,www.dnma66.com
wanted MP3,MP4,IPODS,PSP,www.dnma66.com
We are regular buy mobile phones,laptops,mp3,mp4 ,ipods,PSP Players,consumer electronics
If you supply ormanufacture above electronic related products.
Please register to our FREE B2B webpage and be our Supplier Member and list all products which you supply,we check daily basis and order from our members products which we need.When you registering please put your correct details when we order we gonna need correctinformation.

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