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Oct 15, 2012
block making machine specification
block making machine Features: On the base of keeping the previous function and quality of the 10-15,the machine sdd another attachments the Automatic Layered surfaceBatching plant(the structure is designed to be mobile)is only needconnected with the bnioock malking machine when it making the layered colorfulproducts and it is finished in only several minutes the upgrade software of control system has been installed to the machine and it has the many types of surface material batching functions .....
Oct 15, 2012
brick making machinery plant
block making machines Features:
1)stable performance;
2)low energy-comsuming;
3)Low investment,high output ;
4)Use waste to make bricks ;
5)Easy to operate .

block making machines Working principle:
The model is designed with a device separating material storage and material distribution. Storage is photo-electrically controlled and material s is distributed as needed. Storage hopper is separated from vibration source to avoid premature .....
Oct 15, 2012
road tile making machine price
road tile making machine Features:
1)structure is simple;
2)reasonable design, machine light weight;
3)low noise, save electricity;
4)use convenient operation.

road tile making machine Working principle:
The hydraulic control device include fuel tank and motor pumps, pump and motor fuel tank through the tubing connection, level placed in host on the frame. The hydraulic control device for hydraulic drive system manual operation or electronic numerical .....
Oct 15, 2012
road tile making machinery plant
Multifunctional tiling road-edge stone machine for gantry steel structure special brick. Way down pressure for type, the machine maximum pressure for 150 T, with sides can suppress 500 mm, thickness for 100 mm all kinds of slope protection within brick, road-edge stone, tracery wall brick, ShuKeng brick, slope protection block, terrazzo brick and split mold, the split in the mould can be improve production application. Can be widely used in municipal, construction, gardens, community .....
Oct 15, 2012
Dou pattern lift machine price
The hopper scoop up the material from the nether storage, raising to the top along with the conveyor belt or chain. After bypassing the top wheel it turns downward, and the bucket elevator dumpe the material into the tank.

Dou pattern lift machine Features:
1)Small footprint, easy to process arrangement.
2)Save energy, wear and tear trough small.
3)High transmission efficiency
4)Large conveying capacity
5)long operating life

Dou pattern .....
Oct 14, 2012
Rotary Screen specification
This series of trommel Screen are always used in processing minerals such as ferrous metals including hematitemagnetite And nonferrous metals including Lead, Zinc, Gold and Silver etc.

Rotary Screen Features:
1)simple structure and large capacity
2)convenient maintenance
3)small vibrating noises
4)good sealed and no pollution
5)easy to change the screen and screening accurately

Rotary Screen Operating Principle:
Oct 14, 2012
Aluminum Powder Mixer jiuxin
Blade at high speed, and will fully mixing water and aluminum powder, to prepare for the ingredients

Aluminum Powder Mixer Features:
2)Specialized device for mixing powder
3)Steel agitation equipment
Aluminum Powder Mixer Principle:
Blade at high speed, and will fully mixing water and aluminum powder, to prepare for the ingredients

Aluminum Powder Mixer Structural .....
Oct 14, 2012
Screw conveyor plant
The material feed into the casing and screw flight was hold back by the frication resistance acted on the wall of casing during running, the screw flight push the material and make the material do axial movement, simultaneity the clockwise and counterclockwise fight act as mixer. The material can be discharged at the proper outlet at the bottom of casing or transport out at the end of chute. Conveyor with simple construction, be able to feed and discharge in many position, it is easy to operate, .....
Oct 14, 2012
30-300T Cement warehouse plant
It is suitable for storing bulk materials such as grains, cement, powder and fly ash. Material level system is installed in the tanks, which can show the position and quantity of the materials. The hole device can clear up hard materials from long sediment. The materials can be sent to all the positions with the combination of cement bin and screw conveyer pump. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability makes it an ideal cement bin for the concrete mixing plant.
Oct 14, 2012
Production Line_aac plant china price
Areated concrete brick (light brick ) is the light and porous buidling material. It has light weight keeping temperature cant burn and other advantages.it can be made into many kinds of bricks(for example:600×200×100,80×80×180,240×115×53,600×200×125),they could be used industry building and common building.they are more and more popular in the world.in the future,they will replace the Clay brick completely.Common concrete density is usually 1600-2400kg/m3,but Areated concrete are .....
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