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Sep 06, 2012
manual brick making machine price
It is small size, large output, easy operation, low power, high efficiency.The machine of high quality steel, precision welding, the machine has high efficiency of anti-fatigue and anti-persistent, substantial increase in the overall continuous trouble-free. Work rate, the aircraft has a long service life.

manual brick making machine Features:
1)less investment;
2)large output;
3)easy operation;
4)low powe.

manual brick making machine .....
Sep 06, 2012
hydraulic brick making machine price
hydraulic brick making machine Working principle:
The model is designed with a device separating material storage and material distribution. Storage is photo-electrically controlled and material s is distributed as needed. Storage hopper is separated from vibration source to avoid premature liquefaction of some concrete due to the effect of aftershock Special arch device ensures rapid and even distribution of materials, a swinging distribution device is fixed in the hopper and the materials .....
Sep 06, 2012
brick manufacturing machine price
brick manufacturing machine the aircraft used reciprocating-oriented feed device, broken arch harrow fabric Express fabrics, uniform fabrics quickly: the use of mold box vertical directional vibration suppression of molding, forming a short cycle, production efficiency, quality of block-compacting, high strength, size is accurate, beautiful appearance.

brick manufacturing machine Features:
1)stable performance;
2)low energy-comsuming;
3)Low investment,high output .....
Sep 05, 2012
brick making machine south africa factory
QT4-20A semi-automatic block making machine is simple, economic to run and easy to clean and maintain.

Multi-function: The machine can produce concrete bricks, hollow blocks and pavers etc by using Cement/stone/sand/coal powder-fly ash and other industrial wastes.

Easy Operation: The host machine is operated by one person, and other processes will be completed automatically by electronics. Integrated chassis make machine easy installation and decrease failure rate.

Sep 05, 2012
cement brick making machine supplier
JX8-15 professional QT 8-15 cement brick making machine

PLC --automatic control system, which includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system

l Excellent control system--Extensive imported original parts and hydraulic components with high dynamic performance proportional valve to control the key part of the action accurately.

l Four-oriented approach-- guarantees the accurate movement of the pressure head and the mold

l Consistency--The .....
Sep 05, 2012
sand brick making machine supplier
Theoretical workshop area: 400-600m2, and it needs about3-6 workers to operate this machine. The office, curing area and the stacking area are arranged according to your specific condition.
Brief Introduction
This machine adopts data-transmitting device. For the control system, it is configured with safety logical control and fault diagnosis system, and it has remote control function;
In its unique mould box of material cart, there are several rows of mixing forks, when the hopper .....
Sep 05, 2012
flyash brick making machine price
The building block machine, through mould and by application of fly ash and others industrial waste, can produce color cart road bricks, lawn bricks, cavity bricks, perforated cellular brick, kerb bricks, tree well bricks and water conservancy revetment bricks, which are widely used in the construction of municipal works, buildings, garden sand roads and its productivity is very high!

flyash brick making machine Features:
1)stable performance;
2)low .....
Sep 05, 2012
concrete brick making machine price
We are a leading Manufacturer of brick machine, concrete brick making machine, automatic brick making machine, block making machine, paver making machine, curbstone brick machine, concrete/cement block machine for many years.Hydraulic Station With Water Cycle Cooling System; Top Quality Hydraulic Valves automatically controlling each action; China Top Branded Hydraulic Pump With Electric Motor.

concrete brick making machine Features:
1)stable performance;
2)low .....
Sep 04, 2012
automatic brick making machine price
automatic brick making machine Features:
1)operation according to the menu: starting the machine by the screen instruction, it can run automatically, and can realize unmanned operation.;
2) full intelligent quality control: advanced distribution pattern, to ensure that the same plate brick quality error less than 2%; full intelligent monitoring system, to ensure that each board brick quality be consistent from beginning to the end, and also meet the strength requirements;
3)full .....
Sep 04, 2012
block making machine factory
It can bring the fully-automated production process of batch charging, stir forming , transmission and curing, palletizing and packing into practice.
block making machine Features:
1)10-15 Layered Block Making machine is adapt in production of colorfuleight parallel pallet brick layered surface Burface Batching System can automaicslly make multi-colorful brick;
2) On the base of keeping the previous function and quality of the 10-15,the machine sdd .....
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