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Rubystock Fisheries
  United States (USA)    Food & Drink
Rubystock is the largest privately owned resource company in the world. With properties in Brazil: Northern, Central and Southern, Peru, Argentina, Europe and the United States. We are capable of supplying 34 species of fish, crustaceans and mollusks worldwide. Packaged: fresh, frozen, flash frozen, smoked, dried or canned.
Bayan GmbH
  Germany    Agriculture
Bayan GmbH is a market leader in the production and exportation of dried agricultural products of German Origin. We are exporters of dried hibiscus flowers(hand cleaned & machine cleaned whole flowers, fine cuts, powders, light and dark infusion types); Dried Ginger Splits and Powders; , granules and Powders; Imported Chillies and Hardwood Charcoal across Europe and Beyond.
Our Hibiscus Bayan Brand is in very high demand all across Europe and America by the biggest Tea Producers and
Bond Chemicals
  Thailand    Chemicals
Bond Chemicals, established in 1985, is Thailand's most versatile manufacturer of specialised adhesives that are used in a diverse range of activities, ranging from the leather, automotive, building, footwear, electronic, furniture, speaker assembly industry to D-I-Y and household and household end-users.

A major supplier in Thailand, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, Bond Chemicals has earned a well-deserved reputation for outstanding product quality and follow-up
ShangHai ZTC Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd
  China    Industrial Supplies
ShangHai ZTC Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd is the first provider company which manufacture and provide comprehensive metal hand trucks. They first introduced the concept “micro-logistics”, it dedicated to the development and research of small turnover and logistics transport equipment, by adopting new ideas and developing new products they can pursue the progress of industry. With the rich experience and the professional design, the company can provide trolleys efficient and convenient,
Bruce zhou
  China    Chemicals
Quzhou Menjie Chemicals Co.,Ltd.(formerly Quzhou Menjie Chemicals Co.,Ltd.), founded in 1993 with an occupied floor area of over 40,000 sq. meters, has over 10 years' experiences in the manufacture of fine chemicals. It is located in Weifang, which is known as the World's Capital of Kites in Shandong province, China. Products are mainly used in the anthraquinone-method manufacture of hydrogen peroxide, synthesis of medicines, light-sensitive materials and dyes. The company is now the largest
Hubei Ruifeng Bio-chemical Technology Co.,Ltd
  China    Chemicals
Hubei Rui Feng Organic Chemical Co., Ltd., in Hubei East Lake High-tech Development Zone, located in industrial parks, primarily engaged in bio-chemical and pharmaceuticalRaw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.
       The company has a skilled and experienced professionalsIndustry engaged in pharmaceutical intermediates research and development, quality management and application of technical services and the promotion
Nanjing BaoKai Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  China    Business services
Established in 2010,Nanjing BaoKai Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd Manufacturing of Handling Equipment & logistics solutions for the optimization of business spaces.

During the past years, our company has been dedicated to planning, designing, producing and installing logistics systems and automatic stereo warehouse facilities.

Meanwhile, we employ a group of skilled engineers engaged in the design and development of logistics systems.

During the past eleven years, we have carried out
Long Yin Group
  China    Printing & Packaging
LongYin group is one of the most influential brand printing enterprise in Guangdong area, The company's business refers to Culture communication, technology, chemical, construction, engineering, and logistic industries.
After so many years' hard-working efforts, the company has been one of Printing and Packaging and Advertising products suppliers for China Telecom, China Mobil, China Life Insurance, McDonald, and so on famous enterprises in domestic and foreign area.
Company locates in
Zhuhai Margaret Creative Technology Co.,Ltd
  China    Computer & Telecom
Our Company  Margaret air is Focus on ozone generator equipment research and production. For over eight  years experience that endeavour to provide innovative ways to better our collective  environment. Ozone equipment can be designed for  whatever you need.      Our Goal  We provide best ozone air purifier solution. Margaret air desires to enhance efficiency, air quality, employee and family health. Happy  customers mean a lot to us and our business .