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  China    Computer & Telecom
YUHUAN YIHOO MACHINERY CO.,LTD is one manufacturer which is major in producing clutch for many years . In production, sales, service and integration, specializing in the production of suffering Used for various models of clutch assembly. Most of product are Sold to the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia,Central and South America, Indonesia and other countries.     Mainly used for Volkswagen,Toyota,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Isuzu,Mercedes Benz,Mazda,Ford,AUDI,Hyundai,BMW,Opel,Daewoo,Kia,Renault,Peugeot
Soul stationery factory
  China    Gifts, Crafts & Jewelry
Bio disc,Energy pendant(lava/vocanic energy pendants,resin energy pendants,glaze cloured energy pendants,ceramic energy pendants),Nano wand(amega energy wand),alkaline Water Stick,Facial Beauty Wand,Nanometer energy flask(cup),Energy journey cup,ceramic energy knife/knifves,Hydrogen Water Stick
  China    Business services
Aug, 2006, "Secret Key"  was launched. That year, "Secret Key" Blamish Balm  was on the market. It became very popular in domestic. Spe, 2007,  Zenpia Co., Ltd was established. Dec, 2009, ZENPIA got a venture bussiness certificate from Korea Venture Business Association. The same year, sales increased 300% compared with 2008. Feb, 2010, we estalished our R&D center. Now, ZENPIA began to go out of Korean domestic. We are exporting products to China, HongKong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and
hausselection Co.,Ltd
  Thailand    Business services

We are the Thai’s leading contemporary furniture manufacturer.
We connect overseas. We connect the worlds of architecture and design with innovative,
contemporary interior products.

Công Ty Du Lịch Hoa Sen Châu Á - ASIA LOTUS
  Vietnam    Tourist, Sport & Entertainment
- Bán vé máy bay trong & ngoài nước
- Tổ chức tour dành cho gia đình, tập thể
- Cho thuê xe du lịch 4-45 chổ
- Hổ trợ vay vốn
- Xúc tiến thương mại