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Apr 15, 2015
Privacy film for Mobile

Our privacy film or Secret film is a kind of Micro Louver film that is
made with transparent film and hundreds of micro grid are layered
verticallydensely that playing a role as a curtain to block the screen
that turns black when viewing at 30 degrees either side or 30 degrees
4-way (left,right,top,bottom).
So, customers can use laptops or mobile phone in the bus, subway
and public station without anxiety.

- Features :
1) Offers privacy .....
Apr 15, 2015
Privacy film for Monitor

Provides distinctclear screen when viewed from front of the screen
but turns black at 30 degree from either side of the screen, while user
can see the screen clearly when viewed from the front, to ensure the
protection of personal information.
[ Features ]
1) At 30 degree from either side. perfect privacy security
2) Anti-glare coating :
3) 3H Hard coating :
4) Anti-bacterial coating :
5) Easy installation : .....
Oct 22, 2012
Industrial Rallmount Chassis- R407M
4U(HE) 18.9” deep chassis supports 14-slot backplane. Drive bays (4)5¼,(2)HDD, (1)FDD*. Optional Temperature Alarm Board .....
[Korea (South)]
May 14, 2008
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