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Sep 02, 2016
Custom Injection Mold
I would agree that Engel used to and still does make an excellent machine BUT I would not agree on easy. Back in the mid 90's their CC90 controller was very good and straight forward, truly excellent. Today the CC200 is just another German/Austrian user UNfriendly controller. Still a good machine, but this goes back to my original comment a couple of weeks ago. Have a processor and maintenance person with you when making your evaluations.

I've been in the custom injection mold .....
Sep 02, 2016
Plastic Injection Mold
Cost versus price is always something that has to be fully detailed and documented in order for a true comparison to be made. And Tas has an interesting point, he has an American partner. Is this the OEM, or a broker, or another tooler? I am interested in what Tas finds works best for his firm and for the users of the mold in his opinion. A few short years back, we saw molds being brokered overseas, but now that is rarer, usually American firms have sister/partner firms or a plant located in .....
Nov 05, 2012
buy eucalyptus chips
buy eucalyptus chips 2000 BDMT/mooth. it should be test by tappi .....
Nov 28, 2011
metal powder
we sell metal powder importing from India. hight quality and quantity. .....
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