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Aug 09, 2012
Tearing Machine
Application For tearing the insulated cord into strips and winding up to disc for wrapping machine. Construction Feature The machine is a continuously production line for automatically tearing and winding up of various insulated cord according to technical requirement. Main Specification .....
May 25, 2012
Artemia cubes
A great high protein conditioning food .Excellent for conditioning breeder fish. Can be dropped in as whole cubes for fish to nibble at or crushed easily between fingers.

Nutrient content
Crude protein =60.0%
Crude fat=8.0%
Crude fiber=5.0%
Crude ash=12.0%
Moisture=8.0% .....
May 25, 2012
Artemia flake
Specialty___According to Chinese aquaculture, we choose the rich nutrition materials. The flake is made at low temperatureby 300mu smashing,mixing,fermentation,filming. All the nutritions, suspension of mouth of a completely satisfy seedlings growth nutritional needs. Use that production, could better to steady water, promote shrimp more thealth grow.

Nutrient content
Crude protein =50.0%
Crude fat=8.0%
Crude fiber=3.0%
Crude ash=18.0%
May 25, 2012
Decapsulated Artemia Cysts
AdvantagesFeed the decapsulated Artemia cysts directly to the larviculture tanks. Do not incubate as with hatching cysts as these cysts will not hatch. As a feed source, decapsulated cysts have a higher energy and nutritional value than live Artemia nauplii as zero energy is consumed in the hatching process and lipids, amino acids, and enzymes are left intact. .....
May 25, 2012
Artemia cysts
Artemia cysts

Our advantages___ Premium hatch rates, excellent separations, consistent hatch results, high count nauplii per gram

Product specification
Origin: Bohai Gulf of China
Nauplii Count 200,-270 Nauplii per gram *1000
Cysts Count 220-300 Cysts per gram,*1000
Nauplii Length 470-500 microns
Cyst Diameter 220-260 microns
Percent Hatch: 90 % up --- AAA degree
80% up --- AA degree
70% up --- A degree .....
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