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[United Kingdom]
Jan 09, 2015
Gold Bars and Uncut Diamond for sale
I am an accredited broker to a gold seller and am sourcing for buyers for the seller. The seller has in stock the following;

Alluvial Gold Bars, and uncut diamond;

Purity: Gold Bars 96% and above.

Specification: Gold Bars 23 Karat plus.

Origin ; Africa.

Delivery: To Buyer’s destination upon agreement.

And should you be interested, do contact me by email at robelowell@outlook.com for more details.

Robert Lowell. .....
Dec 27, 2013
NdFeB magnet with high magnetic properties
NdFeB magnetalso called neodymium magnet ,rare earth magnet ,neo magnet ,industrial magnets ,super-strong neodymium magnet .
Ndfeb magnet is an alloy magnet made from Nd Fe B and other elements .

Product Information:
-Grade : N35 - N52 , N35M - N48M ,N33H - N44H ,N30SH - N42SH ,N28UH - N38UH , N28EH - N35EH

-Various shapes : Disc , Block , Ring , Segment , . shapes


Feb 24, 2012
precision machined part
Product Description:
Machining parts, precision machined part,precision parts, CNC parts, turning parts
1). Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass
2). Very strict tolerance, can reach 0.002mm.
3). Equipments: Normal lathe, CNC lathe, CNC center machine, milling, drilling, grinding machines.
4). Surface finish: Zinc / nickel / chrome plating, hot galvanized, painting, PVC, Powder coating, decrement plating.
5)Used for machinery .....
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