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Feb 23, 2018
Bank Instruments BG/SBLC
We are a Financial Service Provider for Bank Instrument such as (BG) Bank Guarantee and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) Issued with Top Rated Banks for Clients World Wide. .....
[United Kingdom]
Jan 09, 2018
Financial Instruments for Lease(BG/SBLC)

We arrange Following Bank Instruments Letter of Credit ( LC) From Various Banks in

Singapore / HongKong / Europe /USA Used For Import / Export Business and Trade Finance .

90/180DAYS Bank Guarantee ( BG ) Fresh Cut Slightly Seasoned Seasoned Stand By Letter of

Credit ( SBLC ) 90DAYS / 180/ 365DAYS,All relevant business information will be provided

upon request.If you are interested contact us immediately by Email

Mr .....
[United Kingdom]
Jan 09, 2018
Bank Guarantee, Letter Of Credit, SBLC
Dear Sir/Ma

I am direct to a project Funder who is also known as private lender they specialized in bank instrument lease and their funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin.With the group capital fund which are specifically for lease/sale in form of bank instrument. The Financial institution can finance your signatory projects such as Real Estate Development, Aviation Service, Agriculture Finance, Petroleum Importation, .....
[United States (USA)]
Mar 26, 2017
Bank Guarantee And Standby Letter Of credit Offer
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Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG) And Standby Letter Of Credit (SBLC)

Issuing Banks: HSBC Bank Plc, London and Barclays Bank London.

Term: Fresh .....
[United Kingdom]
Jan 26, 2016
Financial Instrument Fresh cut BG, SBLC, MTN
We are direct providers of FC BG, SBLC, MTN and other financial instruments.

Contact us for all financial instruments.

William Bernard
Email: financierfunder@gmail.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Dec 08, 2015
Loans and Line Of Credit - (LOC) available
We offer Loans and Line Of Credit - (LOC) available from credible financial institution for those seeking funding to buy Equipments And Plants.
We only attend to serious business owners with good proposals, valuable businesses, valuable projects.
So far in this year 2015, we have provided consortium funding to over 21 valuable businesses and finance Equipments purchases.
To benefit from our funding, ensure that your proposals are credible.
For Details, Contact,Mr.Raymond .....
[United Kingdom]
Oct 28, 2015
BG/SBLC lease and purchase
We can raise cash backed BG/SBLC from top banks for lease and purchase. .....
[United Kingdom]
May 08, 2013
Overseas Financial Services - Loans, BG, SBLC, LC,

Ulster Investment Bank, founded in 1836, boasts a pedigree of great distinction. Our history is very much the story of banking world wide over the last two centuries. Our History reflects that important and colorful heritage and the task of the Bank is to contribute towards the integration, balanced development and economic and social cohesion of deserving clients.

At Ulster Investment Bank, we firmly believe that observing the highest standards of .....
[United States (USA)]
May 24, 2012
By choosing to lease with us, you get the advantages of:
•The best interest rates available
•Flexible payment options not available through banks
•A fast turnaround time, designed to get you what you need immediately.
•A proven leader in the industry, with the ability to add-on to your lease as your business needs evolve or change.

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Nov 22, 2011
GSM Alarm System,home security solutions;S3526
The GSM Alarm System S3526 is a new security protection solution special for home, house and office and other applications. It based on Wireless GSM Communication network, intergrated Computer technology. When any sensor activated, it will CallSend SMS to owners telephone immediately.

What you need is a SIMCard which supports Call ID function
FunctionsFeatures of the GSM Alarm System:

1.GSM Frequency: Dual-Band(900/1800MHz), Quad-Band is .....
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