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May 08, 2019
digging garden forks hay manure prong pitchforks
1.garden forks,digging forks,hay manure forks,prong pitchforks
2.technology is forging or weld
3.tines are from 2 to many
4.many kinds and specifications .....
May 21, 2018
Pet Food Processing Plants, Pet Food EXTRUDER
Ingredients vary somewhat depending on the type of pet food. The basic difference between canned and dry pet foods is the amount of moisture. Canned food contains between 70 and 80% moisture, since these are generally made from fresh meat products, while dry pet food contains no more than 10%. Additional ingredients used for dry foods include corn gluten feed, meat and bone meal, animal fats, and oils. For a meat-like texture, dry foods require more amylaceous, or starch ingredients; .....
Jun 19, 2017
Looking for OEMs Tractor Wheels Mfr. in CN & TH

I am actively looking for the major OEMs tractor wheels manufacturer based in ChinaThailand.

If you are interested and keen to explore further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jaime .....
Nov 17, 2016
Baratti rubber tracks
hello,you can visit us on the site:http://www.sbmconcasseur.com/blog/concasseur-de-feldspath.html
Nov 26, 2014
Heavy duty Paddy harvester
1.Advanced and durable
2.Powerful and fast delivery
3.Easy to operate
4.Best after-sale service .....
Oct 23, 2013
UPVC UV sterilizer for aquaculture sea water fish
As we know Chlorine have been used in swimming pool water treatment for many years. /
The combination of chlorine, chloramines and ozone in the atmosphere can be very corrosive odor to equipment ,buildings and swimmersstaff. However, UV treatment replaces ozone and controls chloramine levels. Much less chlorine needs to be used to provide bacterial control.

Our UV disinfection system UPVC series comes standard with heavy-wall and high-intensity UPVC pressure vessels and joints .....
Aug 05, 2013
Water Treatment Plant
MUSKAAN Designs and manufacturersplants for DRINKING and PROCESS WATER which is based on feed water analysis. Weare proud to take the challenges for the purification of all kind of Water,Surface Water, Falls, Lakes, Ground water etc from 1,000 to 30,000 LPH. We use differentbut most modern technology to purify water, which could be RO, Softeners,Ozonators,UV, Sterile filtration, microfiltration etc. depending upon feed water analysis.

The aim of water treatment is toproduce and .....
Aug 05, 2013
Cashew Nuts Processing Plant and Machiens
At Muskaan, we manufacture various machines and equipments for the cashew processing industry. Each component and machine manufactured at our works undergoes rigorous quality checks and tests to ensure years of trouble free operation for our valuable customers.

We provide Turnkey Solutions which includes, Basic Concept formulation, Complete drawings Design, Manufacture of equipments, Supply, Erection and Commissioning, after sales services, Training the manpower, and if needed even .....
Nov 02, 2012
China offer Pit Annealing Furnace
Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Please email to jtfurnace at gmail dot com. China Pit Annealing Furnace have been in use for a long time with industry and commercial heat treaters. mainly for steel parts,especially the shaft parts of normalizing, annealing, quenching, Oxidation etc. heat treatment. When the technology needs, may pass into the protective gas to reduce oxidation of components. Heat Treatment applications at temperature up to 1100 degree. China Pit Annealing Furnace advantages: .....
Nov 01, 2012
China offer Pit Hardening Furnace
Welcome to visit jtfurnace dot com. Please email to jtfurnace at gmail dot com. China Pit Hardening Furnace with protective atmosphere, mainly for various dies and machinery components in the protective atmosphere such as quenching heat treatment without oxidation.China Pit Hardening Furnace with protective atmosphere Advantages: 1. Use of high-quality high-temperature ceramic fiber insulation, thermal insulation performance, fast heat up. 2. The temperature control uses the PID automatic .....
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