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Nov 08, 2019
We have great demand for resource products and raw
We have great demand for resource products and raw materials:

Including Nickel, Chromium, Uranium, Molybdenum, Titanium, Zirconium, Hafnium;
Tantalum, Copper concentrate, Lead concentrate; Zinc concentrate; Uncalcined brucite; Silicomanganese,
Wood, Wood pulp and other fibrous cellulose pulp, Virgin sunflower oil, Medicinal plants,
Goat skins treated with reverse tanning, Bone powder containing beef and sheep components and other industries Raw material .....
Nov 07, 2015
waste engine oil
We recycle all kinds of waste engine oil. If you need, please contact with us.
My skype : zhijin ZiboMy whatsapp:8615725816298
Email:marketing@zhijinguoji.com .....
Jul 03, 2015
Buy Sulphuric Acid
we have interest to import Sulphuric acid.
pls offer on FOBCIF Qingdao, China.Thanks!

e-mail: sale@ltgroup.cc

If you are interested in it, pls contact me assp.

skype: angelaqd
msn: hzx_411 at yahoo.com.cn
Nov 10, 2012
tapioca chips
Dear Sir,
We are the regular buyer andimporting tapioca chips and interested in your vietnam origin .Would you pls quote us yours on basis of CFR RIZHAO PORT CHINA in details.Our email read as billhub@163169.net
Payment by Usance dlc
Billhub Soong .....
Nov 05, 2012
buy eucalyptus chips
buy eucalyptus chips 2000 BDMT/mooth. it should be test by tappi .....
Nov 05, 2012
Original Canon Cartridge
we are interested in importing some Original Canon Cartridge like , 40 /41/830 /831/5B/8b/8c/8m/8y. outside china.pls offer your knockdown price . .....
Jan 18, 2012
buy black weld steel pipe
we want buy all size black steel pipe,astm a53.http://www.xzhuanqiu.com/en/ you can contact us.



global01@xzhuanqiu.com .....
Sep 04, 2011

Buy a stock material hardware, electronic, mechanical, textiles, plastic, PET, attacks, electric appliances, etc
Sep 04, 2011
optical film
Long-term buy optical film, inventory and leftover stock
We long-term buy the optical film, inventory and leftover stock: TFT-LCD, CCFL back light materials, diffusion barrier, BEF, photo mask, reflecting film and other optical films; PC, PP, PET insulating materials; import electronic industry adhesive tape; protective film, PET, and TFT series membrane material.
Sep 04, 2011
China need to buy large quantity ofCrystal Required amount is large, quantity is little not faze .....
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