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Sep 02, 2015
Yng Guang was founded in 1960 and is nowthe leader in casting acrylic in Taiwan/st1:place/st1:country-region. You could visit our websiteat http://www.yngguang.com.tw formore information.
We are looking for agents/distributors for diamond polishingmachine in the United States/st1:country-region/st1:place.
Our Diamond Polishing Machine:
* Most popular and new style acrylic sheet edgepolisher machine around the world. The key features are easy-maintenance and durability.

Aug 29, 2012
Technical Service
provides the professional technical service to help customers to develop products and build their factories. Since establishing our own production technology factory, we had already got many contracts which include ODM and OEM products with many domestic famous listed companies, state-operated organizations and also food and biotech factories in Europe, United States and Japan.

The professional technique that we offer includes:

Heat-sensitive material producing technology .....
Aug 29, 2012
OEM / ODM Service
With plenty of professional background and experience technical staffs, we are able to engaged technological research to produce different products.
The products technological service includes:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufactures)
ODM (Original Design Manufactures)
Private Label Design
Visit customers: our technical staff would visit customers irregularly to understand the situation of using the products. It would be for quality tracking or product improvement.
Jul 17, 2006
AGP-1081 8 inch All go pliers (patent)
AGP-10818 inch All go pliers

==Made in Taiwan==

Patent products: U.S. Pat. 369534
Germany Pat. M9406679.5
Australia Pat.123169
Taiwan Pat.65216

Materials: Chrome Vanadium
FOB Taiwan

Packing:Slide Card
17kgs/18kgs/1.14 cuft

Wire puller and wire twister Multi-wrench 4 to 11mm
4 size Bolt Cutter: 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4mm (2 side wire cutter)

Stripper .....
Jul 06, 2006
Offer for Hot & Cold chamber Die-Casting machine
We are SINATEK EQUIPMENT CORP.I am proud to say that our company has over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing of Die-Casting machines and related subsidiary device of those machinery such as Automatic Ladle, Automatic Extractor, Auto sprayer and etc. We have earned a good reputation with our customers in Taiwan, China and the Middle East.

In view of this experience and the fine reputation we have accumulated and also after market analysis through the year, SINATEK EQUIPMENT CORP. .....
Jun 16, 2006
11GS 4 in 1 Pest Repeller (pest control)
Effective Area

The appliance is effective in an area of approximately 230 square meters. Maximum effect will be gained if the appliance is plugged directly into a power socket. Soon after the appliance is installed you will probably notice more pests than usual as they are repelled from their hiding places. This is normal and after a period of time will disappear.

Ultrasonic wave.
Electronic-magnetic wave
Auto-on night .....
Jun 05, 2006
Multi-dolly (Auto Repair DIY tool)
New patent design (Made in Taiwan)
The function of the dolly ?汽車鈑金用(Auto Repair DIY)

Item No: MTD-13062
Smaill Size
Material:Carbon Steel

Item No:MTD-23499
Big Size

Material:Carbon Steel

Apr 12, 2006
Invitation for MIDO 2006 trade fair
Dear Sir or madam,

We are writing you that we'd like to invite you to attend the MIDO 2006 trade fair, from May 5-8, in Milano Italy.

It is our greatpleasure to introduce our newest patent collection of fashionable sunglasses, sports goggle, sports eyeglasses and children sunglasses at the MIDO trade fair, from May 5-8, 2006. We warmly invite you to visit our stand, located in B31-1, Hall 13 (PAD 13/I). We would appreciate it if you could let us know when .....
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