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May 16, 2013
Location: Vietnam
In good working condition
If you are interested in this machine, pls contact to us soon. .....
Apr 16, 2013
Stainless steel sleeve anchor and wedge anchor
Our company, Desa S.A., is one of the leading Spanish firms.We are seeking for new long relationship suppliers to grow up and expand our company.
We have paid special interest in your products Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor and Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchor in various sizes .....
Mar 28, 2013
0988918228 - chuyên cung cấp thiết bị điện
http://daycapdien.vn - Cung Cấp Thiết Bị Điện, Kim Loại Màu, PhânPhối Dây Cáp Điện
Công ty TNHHKim Loại Màu Việt Nam (VMT)- Vietnam Metal Trading Co.,ltd
VMT chúng tôi là nhà phân phối kimloại, vật liệu điện, dâycáp điện, thiết bị điện hàng đầu Việt Nam. Sảnphẩm của VMT bao gồm: đồng cathodes (tiêu chuẩn LME loại A, 99.99%), nhôm thỏi(99.7%, 99.4%, 98%), sắt, thép, dầu hóa dẻo DOP, dầu paraffin, .....
Nov 14, 2012
hydraulic vibratory roller
hydraulic double driver single drum vibratory roller /Main/st1:place Features:
1. Full hydraulic and hydrostatic all wheel driving system, various frequency and various amplitude, hydraulic articulated steering, hydraulic vibration, stepless transmission.
2. Two speed stepless changes, advanced technology, Break-off oil system safe, safe and reliable braking.
3. Power System: CUMMINS B-series 6BT5.9 turbocharged diesel engine and the customer can select to equip YC6108G diesel .....
Nov 14, 2012
Tire roller LTP1016/LTP1826/ LTP2030
LTP1016/LTP1826/ LTP2030 Mechanical Drive Pneumatic Wheels Rollers /Main/st1:place Features:
1. LTP2030、LTP1826、LTP1016 are Mechanical Drive Pneumatic Wheels Rollers, heavy duty, low gravitational center design, safe and comfortable operation.
2. LTP2030、LTP1826 adopt CUMMINS 6BTA diesel engine. LTP1016 adopt CUMMINS 4BT3.9 diesel engine. Powerful strength, suitable to work in all environments,
3. Adopting inflation pressure adjustable Pneumatic Slick tyre, Mechanical .....
Nov 14, 2012
Static Road Roller 3Y1215 A MAYASTAR
Main features: /
Spacious and comfortable driving cab, very good sight
Easy operation:Gear box combines differential gear, change gear, and switching all in one body. All operating levers set up nearby the drivers’ seat, easy operation.
Special machine structure: suitable to work in any kind construction site, the front wheel is steering wheel, using the vertical shaft and fork foot to loose joint under the vertical shaft on the front machine body, it can steering to the left .....
Nov 14, 2012
Tandem Static Road Rollers 2YJ8X10
2YJ8x10 Tandem Static Road Rollers are most suitable for grading and final compaction of gravel, aggregates, asphalt and asphalt concrete pavement also can be used for roadbed compaction. /ShangHai/st1:place/st1:City Meimin
d)Displacement Volume (c.c):3.8L
e)Number of cylinder: four
f)Fuel Pump type: 180D
g)Rated Power: 55.5Kw
h)Aspiration: Engine be capable of developing a continuous power of minimum 55.5 kw at rated rpm (2200 rpm) .
i)Torque: 250N-m @ 1500 rpm
Nov 14, 2012
static road roller 2Y8X10C
2Y8x10C, this roller is most suitable for grading and final compacting the gravel, aggregates, asphalt and asphalt concrete pavement, also can be used for roadbed compaction. /
Main features
1. Mechanical travelling, forward three speed shift and backward three speed shift
2. Hydraulic steering, it has very good border compacting features.
3. Machine body is narrow in the front, and the steering sight is very good.
4. Adopts 498 Direct-injection Diesel Engine, hydraulic .....
Nov 08, 2012
chinese road tile making machinery plant
Multifunctional tiling road-edge stone machine for gantry steel structure special brick. Way down pressure for type, the machine maximum pressure for 150 T, with sides can suppress 500 mm, thickness for 100 mm all kinds of slope protection within brick, road-edge stone, tracery wall brick, ShuKeng brick, slope protection block, terrazzo brick and split mold, the split in the mould can be improve production application. Can be widely used in municipal, construction, gardens, community .....
Nov 08, 2012
chinese Dou pattern lift machine plant
The hopper scoop up the material from the nether storage, raising to the top along with the conveyor belt or chain. After bypassing the top wheel it turns downward, and the bucket elevator dumpe the material into the tank.

Dou pattern lift machine Features:
1)Small footprint, easy to process arrangement.
2)Save energy, wear and tear trough small.
3)High transmission efficiency
4)Large conveying capacity
5)long operating life

Dou pattern lift .....
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