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Mar 27, 2013
Offer Automatic Wet wipes Packing Machine
Offer VPD-250 automatic four-side sealing wet tissue packing machine(1 piece/bag).

Widely used in medicine, hygiene materials and catering industrials.such as cotton towels,wet wipes,napkins and other products of the four-side sealing packaging.

1.Drive type: Pneumatic
2.Can set single bag or two bags in row freely.
3. can add all types of liquid in one bag or add one type of liquid in one bag which controlled extractly by .....
Nov 01, 2012
EPS filling guns
We sale our products to more than 60 countries with EPS machines and EPS moulds of them.
We have filling guns designs not only for EPS but also for EPP and Lost Foam.
From design to finished products, we make use of the recently technologies in all process of EPS filling gun and its design to ensure our injectors quality.. .....
Sep 29, 2012
Textile Printing Machine
textile printing machine :
MT-Starjet Series Textile Printer have been used most field such as advertisement printing textile digital printing, carpet digital printing, windows curtain digital printing and interior decoration printing and flax printing widely.

LOW COST It is simple and leaves out deat transfer process one person can operates with high efficiency and short time. Low cost and no need of any kind of interval paper, bearing the highest cost performance. Adopting the .....
Sep 29, 2012
Solvent Printer with Konica heads
Solvent Printer(with Konica heads):

Detailed Product Description
Multiple SizeAffordable Price
Our Konica Solvent Printer realizes high resolution of 1440dpi at 36 sqm for close viewing

Konica Solvent Printer (3.2m)Multiple SizeAffordable Price
It realizes high resolution of 1440dpi at 36 sqm for close viewing signage. And print can be made at 65 sqm. It is perfect combination of image quality and high speed. Konica KM512/14pl/42pl, fast speed, advanced .....
Sep 29, 2012
Seiko Large Format Solvent Printer
Heavy-Duty Solvent Printer:

This kind of solvent printers are with Seiko SPT510 and SPT255 heads to give 1440 dpi resolution to the maximum; Can be used for outdoor advertisement printing; Fiber data cable adopted to ensure fast and realiable data transfer; Adopting DC motor and raster together to ensure precise printing. Reasonable price for quality solvent printer, this solvent printer is your best choice!
3.2m Heavy-Duty Solvent Printer:

Sep 29, 2012
Novajet 5500 Inkjet Printer
Print Resolution 300 x 300 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 x 600 dpi
Print Speed Standard Print Speeds at 600 dpi
High Speed220 sfph (20.4 smph)
Productivity 150 sfph (14 smph)
Fine115 sfph (10.7 smph)
Enhanced75 sfph (7.0 smph)
Ultrafine30 sfph (2.8 smph)
Ink Compatibility Water base dye ink and pigment ink
Media Handling Standard automated media take-up and feeder system with media cutter
Media Drying Rapid Evaporation Drying System. Dual .....
Sep 29, 2012
Solvent Printer(with Polaris512 heads)
Polaris512 head Solvent Printer
Well known Spectra polaris durable print heads
Deliver high saturation, high speed

Polaris512 head Solvent Printer
High speed / High Saturation
4 pieces of well known Spectra polaris 512 durable print heads
Deliver high saturation, high speed over 90m2/hr for outdoor billboard
Precise ink positioning improve printing effect

New innovation
CNC milled aluminum brick print head mounting base - Never .....
Sep 29, 2012
Seiko Solvent Ink
Suitable for wide format printer with Seiko print heads
Vibrant, brilliant colors
Excellent color gamut
Color and density consistency between different batches
Good outdoor durability.
Minimum maintenance whether the printer is in use or idle
No clogged nozzles thus ensuring better print quality
Less wear on the print heads
Competitive price


1L/ bottle , 5L / bottle


Operational .....
Sep 29, 2012
Print Head Cleaning Machine
1 Function Parameter Guideline
1)Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
2)Voltage of the Power supply: AC220V±10%50Hz
3)Input Power: P150W
4)Types of the spray nozzle that can be cleaned: XAAR, SEIKO, SPECTRA, KONIKA, EPSON etc.
2 Application
This product are make for piezo 128 print cleaning processing, usually it can be clean in a few minute and back to work again like usual before it was.To make period of cleaning process to print head is very important, because this can .....
Sep 29, 2012
Highest Speed Seiko Spt510-50pl Solvent Printer
Model SK3208HS SK3206HS SK3204HS
Print Head Drop on demand Piezo Head(SPT510-50PL)720dpi
Number of Print Head 8 Heads(Double 4 Color) 6 Heads (6 Color) 4 Heads(4 Color)
Maximum Print Width 3,200mm(125.98)
Print Speed* 157 m2/hr2Pass 95m2/hr 2Pass 79m2/hr 2Pass
109 m2/hr3Pass 65m2/hr 3Pass 55m2/hr 3Pass
91 m2/hr4Pass 55m2/hr 4Pass 45m2/hr 4Pass
70 m2/hr6Pass 42m2/hr 6Pass 35m2/hr 6Pass
Media Max. width 3,300mm(129.92')
Max. Weight90kg
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