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[United Kingdom]
Jun 24, 2020
Ethicon Endoscopic Linear Cutter Reloads ECR60B/D/
We offer surgical suture/instruments at very affordable and reachable prices. All our products are original and come with usage instructions.

We have the following Brands;

Ethico Z316H
Ethico 669H
Ethicon GST 60B
Ethicon GST 60D
Ethicon GST 60G
Ethicon GST 60T
Ethicon EC60A
Ethicon Ec45A
Ethicon Ligamax ref. EL5ML
Ethicon ref Strap25
Ethicon ECR60G
Ethicon ECR60B
Ethicon ECR60D
Ethicon ECR60W
Ethicon .....
[United States (USA)]
May 23, 2020
Looking for Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products
We are seeking for the best prices for life saving medicines generally in the following list: Prescription medicine - Cancer drug, Antiepileptic drug, Alzheimer's drug, Antidiabetic drug, HIV drug, PrEP, HPV vaccine, etc.Kindly send us your product list via E-mail. .....
[United States (USA)]
Jan 08, 2020
Pharmaceutical Product
We are seeking for the best prices for life saving medicines generally in the following listed. Prescription medicine - Oncology medicine, Rheumatoid medicine, Leukemia medicine, anti-diabates, Alzheimer medicine, HPV vaccine, etc. Kindly send us price and detail. Learn more about us : http://www.alsmcompany.com/
Contact@alsmcompany.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Dec 06, 2019
Looking for Finished Pharmaceutical Products
We are seeking for finished pharmaceutical products (Prescription medicines) in the following listed - Oncology medicine, Rheumatoid medicine, Leukemia medicine, anti-diabates, Alzheimer medicine, HPV vaccine, etc. Kindly send us your product's detailsto Contact@alsmcompany.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Jul 10, 2019
Visit https://www.cramazing-lab.com/
+1 (209) 949-3420
Worldwide shipping readily available at no extra costs
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Buy Opana .....
Sep 09, 2018
Hitachi Aloka Prosound F37 Ultrasound Machine
Hitachi Aloka Prosound F37 Ultrasound Machine
Manufacturer year : 2016
Used condition like new, Excellent and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Package include :
- Body
- Probes : Linear 4 ~ 11 MHz UST - 5413
- Printer Black and White

Features :
- AIP Adaptive Image Processing
- SCI Spatial Compound Imaging
- BbH Broadband Harmonics
- Image Optimizer
- Simple Switch Operation
- Compact ergonomic design
- .....
Jul 09, 2018
Cancer Medicines
We are looking for Various kind of cancer drugs such as multiple myeloma, Pancreatic Cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Psoriasis.
We have clients in many countries such as USA, Australia, Thailand, etc.

Please send the product list and your competitive price quote direct to my email. Jamilla@cancer1to10.com .....
[United States (USA)]
Jun 03, 2018
Looking for suppliers (Pharmaceutical products)
We are looking for pharmaceutical products which are general medicines and intravenous (IV) medicines in various categories such as anti-diabetic medicine, pain-relief medicines, HCV treatments, oncology products, antifungals, antibiotics, etc. We prefer finished formulations but the raw material will be considered. Please contact us and send your product details to contact att pharmarss dot com .....
[United States (USA)]
Apr 25, 2018
Oncology and Antidiabetic medicine
We are interested in expanding our new business on the kind of pharmaceutical productsuch as Oncology and anti diabetic medicines.
We are looking for new suppliers who are able to supply many kinds of (finished medicine and/or API).Please quote price and provide pictures to my email address penny att ohbcompany dot com. Looking forward to your cooperation." .....
Apr 24, 2018
Pharmaceutical Products
We are now expanding our business and looking for experienced manufacturers/suppliers.
We are interested in pharmaceutical products related to following therapeutic areas.
- Anti Cancer Drugs
- Anti Nausea Drugs
- Anti-epileptic medications
- Best arthritis pain medications
- Weight loss drugs
- Stomach and esophagus problems medications
- Treatment of blood clots
- Moderate Alzheimer's Disease Medications
Please do not hesitate to .....
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